Manufacturer of funerary monuments for over 25 years

Creating unique funerary monuments. Because every life is unique. This is the art mastered by the founder of Granite Nadon, Richard Nadon, for over 25 years. This family owned business takes care of manufacturing, lettering and restoring all types of granite monuments.

Premium quality

Quality is at the heart of our actions. We are proud owners  of our lettering truck and our sophisticated equipment. We select only the best quality granite on the market. The lettering and engraving work is in the hands of our outstanding and talented artisans. Once your headstone is done, our experienced professionals make the delivery and installation on the North Shore, in Montreal and on the South Shore.

Respect and transparency

Granite Nadon has built a reputation based on the customers satisfaction. Starting by earning their trust. A funerary monument is a long lasting item, and it is important to get the best advice and information to make the right choice.

Who is the monument for?

Is it for one person, for a couple, or a family? Many other aspects are important in the creation of a monument, a memorial plaque, columbariums or a mausoleum for instance:

  • The colour of the granite
  • The style of the granite
  • The Lettering and engraving style

Here, we listen carefully to our clients needs to understand and crate their vision.

The regulations concerning the land and the foundation of the funerary monument is also an important matter. Granite Nadon will also assist you in those steps. That way, you can make the most appropriate decision.

A team

In perfect balance

Granite Nadon has the perfect balance of youth and experience. The dynamic team takes care of every aspect concerning the funerary monuments so that you are completely satisfied. Note that the business is also a member of Association des détaillants de monuments du Québec (ADMQ). We keep up to date with the most recent developments in this field that we love so much.

Our monuments

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Engraving and lettering

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